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  • Michelle Shu

    Michelle Shu

    Overthinking everything

  • Niki Birkner

    Niki Birkner

    A record of all I’ve learned. I explore topics about work, life, and their intersection. Passionate about creating systems & processes to help humans find flow.

  • Will Yoo

    Will Yoo

  • Universal Enlightenment & Flourishing

    Universal Enlightenment & Flourishing

    The UEF Mission is to research and disseminate ideas about enhancing human flourishing. Follow us at: and

  • Gem Bay

    Gem Bay

    Writing and studying for the good of Black community, and to get clearer on exactly what that is. All praises to Yah.

  • Ilya Kreynin

    Ilya Kreynin

    Pro-social engineer from Toronto. Loves books, process, and people in an ever-shifting order. Send curios, vitriol, and thoughts to

  • Thomas A Dorfer

    Thomas A Dorfer

    Data scientist with neuroscience background. Passionate about all things data, books, and music. I write about science, philosophy, and AI.

  • Krishna Bharathala

    Krishna Bharathala

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